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sakaiger with apereo logoEarlier this month, the worldwide Sakai Community got together in a virtual conference to discuss all things Sakai! While our team purchased a group registration for the UNC campus, we know some of you were interested in sessions but unable to attend. Good news is that all recordings are now available to view for free on YouTube!

You can view all recorded sessions from the Sakai Virtual Conference here!

See the session descriptions for more details.

Session Highlights

We also wanted to highlight some recordings you may find particularly interesting but encourage you to browse through the list of all sessions. Enjoy!

Hitting a Moving Target — Accessibility Going Forward

WCAG 2.1 is out! We’re becoming used to the expectations for accessibility required by WCAG 2.0. What are the changes and updates in WCAG 2.1? What are the best ways to prepare our courses to meet all foreseeable accessibility needs? How can the principles of Universal Design inform our course preparation? The presenter touched on all these questions to inform, update, and reinforce the best practices of course presentation for all students as well as news on the accessibility status of Sakai 12.

Sakai Rubrics — coming in Sakai 19!

One of the key features of Sakai 19 is the new Rubrics tool. Now you can create and manage rubrics to use for grading in a variety of Sakai tools. With rubrics, you can easily define scoring criteria and provide rich feedback to your students. Learn about the Rubrics project and see a brief demonstration of how rubrics work in Assignments, Tests & Quizzes, Samigo, Forums, and Gradebook.

New Sakai Service to Control Student’s Course Progress

Display the percent of completion for a student in a course, or just know if the student has completed all the tasks or not, is a feature that has been missed in Sakai since the first version. A group of ASU students with the coordination of Unicon is working to create this service and contribute it to the Sakai community. The session showed the ideas and progress in the development of this service, showing how it will work, in a functional and technical level, and then opened for discussion to answer questions and receive feedback and suggestions from the public.

What’s New in Sakai 19

Sakai 19 has a number of exciting enhancements, such as the new Rubrics tool, UI improvements, and much more. Learn about the new features in the upcoming release and get the latest info on when it will be available.

Lessons 2.0

Longsight’s project proposal to take Lessons to the next level.

Keynote Panel: Sakai Commercial Affiliates: Partners in Innovation

The panelists discussed their unique perspectives on the future of Sakai, as well as how they collaborate with, guide, and enable the Sakai community to meet its goals and envision new ones.


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