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Here’s another quick update on a new feature coming in Sakai 12 on January 3rd! If you’re using LaTeX or AsciiMath equations, you’ll be excited to know that Sakai 12 can automatically render these equations to display them in mathematical notation!

Instructors and students can simply write LaTeX in the rich text editor and the resulting equation will display in mathematical format. All instructors have to first do is enable MathJax:

  1. Go to Site Info > Manage Tools
  2. On the right-hand side, check “Enable MathJax for automatic rendering of LaTeX and AsciiMath in this site”
  3. Continue and Finish

For example, enter the following into the text editor:

$$x = {-b \pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac} \over 2z}$$

After you have enabled MathJax, your site will display the mathematical notation on its own line:

rendered latex math equation

You can also enter math symbols and equations inline. For example, enter the following into the text editor:

Inline equation: \(e=mc^2\)
Inline symbols and set: Braces \(\{\,\}\) | Parentheses \((\,)\) | Empty set \(\emptyset=\{\}\)

That will display as:

rendered latex math equation and symbols

Technical Note: The Sakai MathJax configuration is set to [[‘\\(‘,’\\)’]]. This is the array of pairs of strings that are used as inline math delimiters for Sakai to automatically render. See more on MathJax preprocessor.

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