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Last week we announced the Sakai 12 Upgrade Blog Series to introduce you to some of the new features coming on January 3rd! We are kicking things off with the most versatile tool in Sakai—Lessons!

Here are some of the big new features coming in the Lessons tool in Sakai 12.

Automated Checklist Items

Are you using checklists, where students self-check items they have completed on that Lessons page? If you are, great news! You can now link checklist tasks you have designated as required items on that Lessons page so that as students complete those tasks on that page, the linked checklist items will automatically be checked off! Students cannot (un)check these items.

Lessons > Add Content > Add Checklist > enter Title and Checklist Items > click link next to Checklist Item > select required item to link > Submit > Save.

NOTE: You must first have a required item on that Lessons page before you can link the Checklist item. Otherwise, the link icon will not appear.

anchor links on Sakai lessons checklist items

Add Footer

Do you link to specific files from your Resources but have a lot of files you like to share? Now you won’t have to click a bunch of buttons to share multiple files from your Resources. Sakai 12 comes with the ability of sharing an entire folder from Resources! You can quickly upload multiple files through the Resources tool and then share the entire folder on your Lessons page all at once.

Lessons > Add Content > Add Resources Folder > select folder > Save.

add resources folder into Sakai lessons

Consolidate Lesson Pages in Site Tool Menu

Have a lot of Lesson pages cluttering up your left site menu? Sakai 12 comes with the option of adding a collapsible Lessons Subpage navigational menu!

Site Info > Manage Tools > check “Enable Lessons subpage navigation in the left menu” > Continue > Finish.

lessons drop-down menu in Sakai site menu

Embed Announcements, Calendar, Forum Posts

There are new widgets! In Sakai 12, you can embed the following on a Lessons page:

  • Announcements
  • Calendar
  • Latest Forum Posts

Lessons > Add Content > Embed Announcements / Calendar / Forum Conversations.

Embedded Announcements:

embedded announcements in Sakai announcements

Embedded Calendar:

embedded calendar in Sakai Lessons

Latest Forum Posts:

embedded latest forum posts in Sakai lessons

Remember that we will need to take the entire Sakai system offline to apply the upgrade on Thursday, January 3rd. Thank you for understanding!

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