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The Sakai 12 Upgrade is a month away! Here is a quick update in our Sakai 12 Upgrade Blog Series on a new feature coming on January 3rd–

Instructors will be able to recover deleted Assignments!

All you have to do is click on the “Removed Assignments List” tab, check the Assignments you want to recover, and click Restore Selected. Simple as that!

You can also permanently delete removed Assignments. These cannot be recovered.

Removed Assignment List tab in Sakai

Assignments May Appear Jan 4

Don’t forget that while Sakai should be back online by 5pm, Assignment conversions to Sakai 12 will take several hours to run. You may not see Assignments you created before the upgrade until the next morning (Jan 4). If you have Assignments that students must start submitting to on January 3rd, we recommend creating the Assignment when Sakai comes back online that afternoon. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

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