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zoom logoThere is an important update happening with Zoom this Sunday that will impact ALL existing and future Zoom meetings.

Important: Beginning September 27, 2020, Zoom will require either the waiting room or a passcode to be applied to meetings, including ones that have already been scheduled.

By default, the waiting room will be applied to all meetings; however, you can adjust these settings before and after September 27, 2020.

NOTE: If you are in a Zoom sub-account, your sub-account owner may have selected settings different from the main campus Zoom account. Please reach out to your department/school if you have questions.

Review Your Zoom Settings

We urge you to review your current Zoom profile settings to select your preferred default option for scheduling new meetings:

  • Waiting Room: UNC’s Zoom settings have been customized to add an option to allowing any UNC Zoom user to bypass the waiting room. If you created your UNC Zoom account before July 19, 2020, this setting will be your default. If you created your UNC Zoom account after that time, you will need to enable this option.
  • Passcode: If you enable “Require a passcode when scheduling new meetings,” you can disable the waiting room.

We also urge you to review your existing Zoom meetings. If you want to prevent a waiting room being added by default to your existing Zoom meetings, you will need to go to your Upcoming Zoom Meetings and edit each meeting to add a passcode. You will also need to resend any meeting invitations to meeting participants to share the passcode with them.

See more information on securing Zoom and privacy settings. If you need assistance, please submit a help request opens in new window.

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