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keep teaching: covid-19 resources for UNC instructorsThe University recently announced the modes of teaching to be used in the Spring 2021 semester, which will begin on January 19, 2021. Instructors, find resources on determining the appropriate modes of delivery for your courses and implementation guides on the Keep Teaching site.

5 Modes of Teaching in Spring 2021

The spring semester will offer five modes of teaching, which will be determined by instructors with their deans and department chairs.

Two in-person modes of instruction:

  • In-person, On-campus Learners
  • In-person, On-campus and Remote Learners

Three remote modes of instruction:

  • Synchronous Remote
  • Mostly Asynchronous Remote
  • Fully Asynchronous Remote

The Keep Teaching website offers descriptions of each mode and this decision tree download file to assist instructors in determining the appropriate modes for their courses.

download readable decision tree of determinining class mode

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