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Welcome to Sakai 20 announcement next to cup of hot chocolate with snowman marshmallowsSAKAI 20 IS HERE!

Thank you for your patience as we worked on upgrading Sakai to version 20.1! Our tech teams in ITS Educational Technologies and Infrastructure & Operations worked quickly to bring Sakai back up around noon. We’re thrilled about all the improvements now available in the UNC Sakai system!

Please clear your browser cache to pick up the latest updates as you may experience some display issues. Note that Firefox is the recommended browser for Sakai. As with any major system update, if you encounter any bugs or odd behaviors, please let us know by submitting a help request opens in new window.

Sakai 20 Features

Here are many of the new features you’ll find in Sakai 20!

Layout & Preferences


  • Grading Rubrics now available in Gradebook, Assignments, Tests & Quizzes, and Forums!



Tests & Quizzes

Site Info

You’re also welcome to review the Sakai Community‚Äôs Sakai 20 feature summary. Welcome to Sakai 20!

Note on Poll Everywhere: Currently, the tool that imports Poll Everywhere responses into the Sakai Gradebook is not available in Sakai 20. This functionality will be added during the Spring 2021 semester. In the meantime, visit UNC Poll Everywhere for information on how to import responses using a spreadsheet.

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