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computer control panel with camera and zoom settingsAll classes that are scheduled to have at least some portion of in-person instruction have been back on campus since February 17. This includes the In-person Mode of Instruction with On-Campus and Remote Learners (IR; Mode 2; more on Spring 2021 Delivery Options).

Teaching to students physically present in the classroom and simultaneously engaging students over Zoom can be a challenge, so we highly recommend reviewing how to set up your technology to make sure things run smoothly. See detailed instructions with screenshots on Using Zoom in General Purpose Classrooms opens in new window, which are supported by our Classroom Hotline team. If you are teaching in a classroom managed by your school, please reach out to your unit’s IT support team for assistance.

Important Notes:

  • Do not join audio from your laptop or mobile device as this will create feedback problems. Use the classroom’s in-house computer to join audio.
  • Zoom allows a user to join a meeting from only one of each type of device (only one computer, one tablet, and one phone at a time). Remember this if you plan to join Zoom via your own device while in the classroom.

Zoom Setup Before Class

Share Zoom Link with Students

Before teaching in the classroom, be sure to set up your recurring Zoom meeting opens in new window and share the meeting join link opens in new window with your students in advance. This can be the same meeting you have been using to teach remotely over Zoom.

Share Screen from Your Own Device

If you plan to present material to your students from your laptop or mobile device, you must allow Co-hosts in your Zoom meetings and update meeting access:

  1. Sign in to your UNC Zoom opens in new window account
  2. Select Settings from the left menu
  3. Scroll down to Co-host and toggle on/blue to “Allow the host to add co-hosts. Co-hosts have the same in-meeting controls as the host.”
  4. Select Meetings from the left menu
  5. Locate and edit your recurring class meeting
  6. Under Security, uncheck “Require authentication to join”
    • Note: In this situation, we recommend using both a passcode and waiting room. You can allow UNC users to bypass the waiting room and automatically join your Zoom meeting in your Zoom Settings.
  7. Save

In the Classroom

Log in, Adjust Camera & Mic, Start Zoom

Once you’re physically in the classroom, go to the in-house computer:

  1. Log in to the computer with your Onyen
  2. Sign in to your UNC Zoom opens in new window account
  3. From the computer’s AV Main Menu, go to the Camera control panel. Adjust the pan, tilt, and zoom of each camera as needed (i.e., Instructor, Audience).
  4. Start your Zoom meeting
  5. Confirm your camera and microphone are set to “AV Bridge.” Adjust the different speaker settings as needed.
    • Note: If you’re sharing audio resources such as videos, make sure “Share Sound” is checked so remote students can hear the media.

You’re then ready to start teaching! You can share screen as usual in Zoom from the classroom’s in-house computer.

Share Screen from Your Own Device

If you need to present materials from your laptop, phone, or other mobile device, additional steps are required. Because Zoom allows a user to join a meeting from only one of each type of device opens in new window (only one computer, one tablet, and one phone at a time), you must join the Zoom meeting on your personal device without logging in to your UNC Zoom account (open the Zoom app on your device and sign out of your UNC Zoom account, if logged in).

Then join the Zoom meeting from your mobile device:

  1. Open the Zoom app
  2. Select Join (a Meeting)
  3. Enter the Meeting ID
    • Note: The 11-digit Meeting ID is found in the Zoom meeting on the classroom computer by clicking Participants > Invite > Room System or in your upcoming Zoom meetings opens in new window
  4. Rename your display name to distinguish this device from the in-house computer
  5. CheckDon’t connect to audio”
    • Note: Connecting audio on mobile device will cause feedback problems
  6. Enter the Passcode, if prompted
  7. Join

Your personal device should be placed in the Waiting Room. From the in-house classroom computer, you will need to grant your mobile device proper permissions:

  1. Admit your personal device into the meeting via the Participants list
  2. Hover your mouse over your device’s name and click More
  3. Select Make Co-Host

You can then share screen from your personal device! Remember to end your Zoom meeting and press “System Off” on the classroom computer when you are done to reset the AV system for the next instructor.

We are happy to walk you through these steps to help you feel more comfortable with the classroom technology. Please reach out to Classroom Hotline by submitting a help request opens in new window.

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