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Faculty Showcase on Teaching April 22 and 23 banner features Carolina professor Kris Jordan editing on-screen videoMissed the CFE Faculty Showcase on Teaching back in April? Catch all sessions by watching the captioned recordings, which are now available on the Showcase Program! Each session also includes shared slides and additional resources. Found a colleague’s teaching strategy interesting and have questions? Consider reaching out to them!

Please note recordings require Onyen authentication through UNC Panopto.

Showcase Schedule at a Glance

Day 1: Thursday, April 22, 2021

  • Faculty Presentations I
    • Developing Multimedia Assignments
    • Quality in Online Courses
    • Undergraduate Student Panel on Remote Learning
  • Keynote Address
    • Remarks by Executive Vice Provost Ron Strauss
    • Flower Darby – Stronger Than Before: Resilience and Joy in Post-Pandemic Teaching
  • Faculty Presentations II
    • Effective Peer Review of Teaching
    • Using Case Studies to Make Course Content Relevant
    • Instructional Tech Toolkit at Work
  • Faculty Presentations III
    • Teaching In-person and Remote Students Simultaneously: Lessons Learned
    • Equity and Flexibility in the Classroom

Day 2: Friday, April 23, 2021

  • Keynote Address
    • Remarks by Provost Bob Blouin
    • Dr. Bryan Dewsbury – Equity and Power in the Higher Education Classroom: Teaching for Freedom and Democracy
  • Faculty Presentations IV
    • Leveraging the Power of Low-stakes Assessment
    • Making Groupwork More Effective
    • Tips and Tricks for Instructional Video
  • Faculty Presentations V
    • Future Directions for Teaching Large Courses
    • Teaching as Research: Am I Making a Difference?
  • Celebration of Carolina Educators
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