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panopto logoIn our last blog post on digital accessibility, we talked about making Zoom sessions accessible. This includes adding live captions in your Zoom meetings and cleaning up the auto-generated transcript in your recordings. All Zoom Cloud recordings are automatically sent to UNC Panopto, and this is how we recommend sharing videos with your students. See more on sharing Zoom recordings through Panopto.

Just like how captions should be added to Zoom, captions should also be added to your Panopto videos. While the technology has come a long way, there will still be some words that are misinterpreted that you’ll want to clean up. Thankfully, Zoom’s auto captions will be included in your Panopto videos, and if you upload a video directly in Panopto, Panopto will also auto-generate the captions. You can easily edit the captions on a Panopto video and adjust the timing as needed. Check out Panopto’s tutorial on editing your captions!

Panopto tutorial on editing video captions

Tip: Click the “CC” button to show or hide the captions.

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