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gradescope logoInterested in learning about Gradescope? Gradescope allows instructors to administer and grade online or digitized paper-based homework, quizzes, and exams with open-ended or multiple-choice questions. This means instructors no longer have to read their students’ written responses to grade their assessments as Gradescope does this automatically! The tool also allows for collaborative grading in real time with an adaptive rubric, and it’s integrated with the Sakai and Canvas gradebooks.

With all this flexibility and Gradescope’s feature to use bubble sheets, the University transitioned to Gradescope for all exam scantron bubble sheet scanning by this past August. See the Gradescope announcement.

Attend Gradescope Training

If you have not used Gradescope before and would like to learn more about it, we invite you to attend upcoming training. The Center for Faculty Excellence is partnering with Arts and Sciences Information Services (OASIS) to help faculty use Gradescope to effectively administer exams, grade, and deliver feedback to students in their courses. Register for one of the following training opportunities! Both are held over Zoom.

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