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Sakaiger wearing number 20 jerseyContinuing our EdTech Blog series on digital accessibility, let’s look at how we can make our content accessible in Sakai. There is an Accessibility Checker built right into the text editor that will quickly scan your content for potential issues!

In the plugin menu in the Sakai text editor, look for the accessibility icon of a person inside a circle:

accessibility checker icon outlined in Sakai text editor

If issues are detected, the Accessibility Checker will bring up a window of the issues found. You can quickly go through the errors, which not only provide you with details on the issue found but also a quick fix! You can manually resolve the accessible issue yourself as well, right within the Accessibility Checker window. The checker will look for potential issues such as missing alternative text on images and adding paragraph formatting such as headers.

Sakai accessibility checker detected missing alt text on image

Keep in mind that not all detected issues will have a quick fix to resolve the error as they may require you to edit the text. See the full tutorial on the Sakai Accessibility Checker, and learn more about accessibility in Sakai.

While tools like the Accessibility Checker are great for detecting potential issues, they won’t find everything. We highly recommend becoming familiar with the University’s Digital Accessibility Office’s Top 10 Tips for Digital Accessibility to get a better understanding of how you can make your content accessible for all of your students.

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