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Canvas panda kickWelcome back from Fall Break! In case you missed the pre-break announcement, we have several updates now available in Canvas. All University Registrar Spring 2023 courses are now available to instructors listed in ConnectCarolina and all instructors who taught a Spring 2022 course in Sakai will now find archives of their Sakai courses (named “DEPT101.001.SP22_k16”) on their Canvas dashboards! We invite you to join the many instructors who have already made the switch to Canvas. If you prefer to give yourself a longer adjustment period, Sakai will still be available for teaching through at least December 2023 (Sakai end date TBD).

Whether or not you would like to start teaching in Canvas this upcoming spring semester, now is a great time to start becoming familiar with the Canvas learning management system. We have made available several resources to learn on your own as you have time. See our Moving from Sakai to Canvas page for recorded training videos, crosswalks between Sakai and Canvas and their comparable tools, and resources to get started in Canvas. We also have live training scheduled via Zoom, starting this week! See live training details below.


  • 24/7 chat and phone support is available through Canvas. Log into Canvas and click the Help menu to access tier 1 support any time of the day or night!
  • Ready to start working on your Spring 2023 courses? See Getting Course Content into Canvas for details on reusing your migrated Sakai content. Be sure to review common issues we have found.

Upcoming Live Training: 2-Part Training Series

Join us at our live trainings via Zoom, which give you the opportunity to ask us questions. We’re offering a two-part training series to help instructors get familiar with the Canvas system, share course materials with their students, and collect and grade student work. This training will be offered twice later this week (October 27-28) and then again next month (November 15-16). Register for the sessions you wish to attend.

Part 1 of 2: The first part of this training series covers the basics of Canvas. At this training we will review the Canvas dashboard and available settings, communication tools, and sharing and organizing course materials.

Part 2 of 2: The second part of this training series covers Canvas tools to assess student work. We’ll discuss creating assignments and quizzes, reviewing student submissions, and grading student work.

Note: If you are unable to attend the Part 1 training, we recommend watching our recorded training videos to become familiar with the Canvas system prior to attending Part 2 of this series. Watch the 5-minute video “Build Your Canvas Course in a Few Steps” to get a quick introduction to Canvas.

Intro to Teaching in Canvas (January 2023)

Prefer to get a quick crash course on the basics in Canvas? Join us at this crash course on teaching in Canvas in January 2023! This is a great option for instructors who are new to Canvas and want to quickly get their courses ready right before spring classes begin.

We hope to see you soon!

Note on joining Zoom trainings: You must sign into your UNC Zoom account in order to bypass the waiting room and join the Zoom meeting.

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