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Start of Semester Checklist & Sakai Workshops

January 8, 2019

Spring classes are starting! Below you will find a quick 5-step checklist to get your Sakai course sites ready. If you prefer in-person assistance, we are offering a 1-hour crash course on teaching in Sakai, which will be especially beneficial … Continued

Welcome to Sakai 12!

January 3, 2019

SAKAI 12 IS FINALLY HERE! We finished 3 hours early and were able to bring Sakai back online at 2pm. Thank you for your patience while our tech teams worked on upgrading Sakai to version 12.4! We are thrilled about … Continued

Sakai 12 Upgrade TOMORROW

January 2, 2019

THIS IS IT. The big day is tomorrow! We have our Sakai 12 Upgrade tomorrow, January 3rd, from 8am-5pm. Remember we must take the Sakai system completely offline during this time frame to apply the upgrade. Also don’t forget the … Continued

Sakai 12 Upgrade: Auto-Grade Attendance

December 19, 2018

The Attendance tool in Sakai is a convenient way of tracking student attendance for the whole semester. One of the great features includes being able to grade and send those scores to the Gradebook. The current version of Sakai is … Continued

Sakai 12 Upgrade: 10 Gradebook Improvements

December 18, 2018

It’s the last post in our Sakai 12 Upgrade Blog Series! We hope this series has gotten you excited for the many improvements coming to Sakai on January 3rd when we come back from winter break. Don’t forget we must … Continued

Sakai 12 Upgrade: Editing Syllabus Content

December 17, 2018

There will be a slight behavioral change in the Syllabus tool coming January 3rd when we upgrade to Sakai 12. If you enter text or embed content into the text editor of a Syllabus item (instead of uploading an attachment) … Continued

Sakai 12 Upgrade: Display LaTeX Equations

December 14, 2018

Here’s another quick update on a new feature coming in Sakai 12 on January 3rd! If you’re using LaTeX or AsciiMath equations, you’ll be excited to know that Sakai 12 can automatically render these equations to display them in mathematical … Continued

Sakai 12 Upgrade Postponed to Jan 3

December 11, 2018

We have an important announcement regarding the Sakai 12 Upgrade. With the adverse weather delaying final exams this week, we understand that some schools have decided to postpone their deadlines for final grade submissions. We do not wish to take … Continued

Sakai 12 Upgrade: New Sites Auto-Favorited

December 7, 2018

Next up in our Sakai 12 Upgrade Blog Series is an update that all users will quickly notice. When you are added as a member of a Sakai course or project site, that new site will automatically be added to … Continued

Sakai 12 Upgrade: Recover Deleted Assignments

December 5, 2018

The Sakai 12 Upgrade is a month away! Here is a quick update in our Sakai 12 Upgrade Blog Series on a new feature coming on January 3rd– Instructors will be able to recover deleted Assignments! All you have to … Continued