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Important Upcoming Dates
January 8, 2022. Panopto is updating its cloud services on this day, a Saturday, and UNC users are likely to experience an interruption of service. Details about the exact time and duration will be announced later.
Known Issues // last updated 3.15.21
Issue: Panopto tool in Sakai does not work with the Safari web browser.
Issue status:
Unlikely to be resolved any time soon.
Use an alternative browser that is compliant with the Mac OS (e.g Firefox, Chrome, or Edge Chromium).
Panopto Login

Panopto is the University’s centrally supported video storage and management system. It replaced Warpwire by Summer 2021.

Students can manage their own video content and use the notes feature and other Panopto viewer tools to interact with course-related videos.
Faculty members can use Panopto to capture, edit, and manage video content. Instructors can make their videos more engaging by inserting in-video quizzes and external web content. Panopto is also the storage platform that instructors will use to make class Zoom recordings and other instructional videos available to students via Sakai.


Panopto’s Support Resources
Visit Panopto’s support page for up-to-date how-to docs, videos, and training resources. (The University licenses Panopto Enterprise.)

ITS Help
Can’t find the answer to your question through Panopto support or the FAQs?
Submit a service request with ITS.

Orienting Students to Panopto
Students should download the quick reference Student Guide to Using Panopto to learn more about Panopto and its student engagement tools. There is also a student section in the Panopto FAQs.

Panopto Training for UNC  
Recordings of all Panopto training sessions will be available here. Additional sessions will continue to be announced.

  1. Introduction to Teaching with Panopto [Session Recording]
    Description: Basic introduction to Panopto and how it can be used to support instructional goals.
  2. Introduction to Panopto [Session Recording ]
    Description: Overview of transition from Warpwire to Panopto and key Panopto features and functionality.
  3. Making the Most of Panopto [Session Recording]
    Description: Deeper dive into creating, managing, and teaching with video content in Panopto.

Female student sitting near a window, using a laptop and wearing headphones.

Upcoming Panopto Webinars

Register for Panopto’s ongoing webinars by following the link for each session.
NOTE: Panopto’s public webinars may not fully reflect UNC’s learning environment. For example, sessions may feature a learning management system other than Sakai.

Panopto Advanced Training Webinars: Library of Recorded Sessions

Log In To Panopto

Log in at to activate your University-affiliated Panopto account.