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golden dog wearing glasses and watch announces we are upgrading to Sakai 12 January 3rd!**Please note the Sakai 12 Upgrade has been postponed to January 3, 2019.**

The Spring Semester is quickly coming to a close but we wanted to share some big news before finals take over and you’re gone for the summer. We are excited to announce that on August 6th…

We’re upgrading to
Sakai 12!

While we will make every effort to minimize the outage, please plan for Sakai to be unavailable all day on Monday, August 6. The upgrade will occur after Summer Session II grades are due (Aug 3) and 2 weeks before the start of Fall classes. Thank you for understanding that we must take the system offline to apply the upgrade.

Coming in Sakai 12

We will spend the next few months heavily testing, debugging, and checking the functionality of all the new features in Sakai 12. While it’s possible we may have to exclude or delay certain features if there are any issues, here is a highlight of some of the expected features coming in Sakai 12! You can check out the full Sakai 12 list by tool here!

Tests & Quizzes

  • Extended delivery for select individuals and groups – easily make accommodations!
  • Responsive Hot Spot image questions – great on mobile devices
  • Use of tags to organize question pools and find relevant questions


  • Performance enhancements
  • Interface improvements, including rendering of student grades for large classes
  • Easily view and adjust final grade distribution


  • Optional subpage left navigation menu
  • Additional widgets for Announcements, Calendar, Forums, Resources, and personalized text

Layout & Interface

  • Accessibility improvements
  • Improved responsive design for better performance on mobile devices
  • Updated look for Chat tool

Check back here on the blog throughout the summer to get sneak peeks into some of these new features that are coming in August! We’re excited about these new improvements and hope you are too!

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