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ITS Educational Technologies provides services to advance the University’s academic mission by providing technical support for General Purpose Classrooms and learning spaces on campus, supporting the University’s central learning management system (Sakai), providing students with CCI Printing and Virtual Lab services, and supporting other selected technologies available to the campus community.

Recent Blog Posts

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Gradescope Training Oct 3-4

September 30, 2022

Interested in learning about Gradescope? Gradescope allows instructors to administer and grade online or digitized paper-based homework, quizzes, and exams with open-ended or multiple-choice questions. This means instructors no longer have to read their students’ written responses to grade their…
Gradescope Training Oct 3-4Continued

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Digital Accessibility in Course Design Training

September 28, 2022

Finishing up our blog series on digital accessibility in courses is an invitation to you. We invite all instructors and support staff to take the DAO’s training on Digital Accessibility in Course Design! The University’s Digital Accessibility Office now offers…
Digital Accessibility in Course Design TrainingContinued

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Add Captions to Panopto Videos

September 23, 2022

In our last blog post on digital accessibility, we talked about making Zoom sessions accessible. This includes adding live captions in your Zoom meetings and cleaning up the auto-generated transcript in your recordings. All Zoom Cloud recordings are automatically sent…
Add Captions to Panopto VideosContinued

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Accessibility in Zoom

September 21, 2022

So many of us now meet through Zoom. It’s a convenient way to have class meetings, hold review sessions, and gather people who need to chat. With so many opportunities to meet online in Zoom, it’s important to keep accessibility…
Accessibility in ZoomContinued