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Carolina Print Hub


CCI Printing is now Carolina Print Hub! Same service – new name!

Carolina Print Hub provides more than 70 print stations across campus that are available for use by UNC students, faculty and staff. Users can print in color or black & white, from any smartphone or personal computer by visiting (no special software is needed), or print from a personal laptop by installing the Printing Client as a local printer*.

Carolina Print Hub is primarily a service for all current students, but is also available to faculty, staff, and University affiliates with an active Onyen using their Convenience Account. Students who are enrolled in the current semester/session receive a print allocation usable at any Carolina Print Hub location.

*Laptop users must install the Printing Software and must be on the campus network or use the campus VPN to submit print jobs.

Touchless Printing

Touchless printing is now available.
Release print jobs from your mobile device using the QR code found at each printer.

Visit for more information.

Where to Print

Printer Locations

Color printers listed in bold.

Campus Printers

    • Beard Hall – Inside Room 104
    • Campus Y – Main Entrance – Staircase
    • Carroll Hall – In Hallway Outside of Rm 101
    • City & Regional Planning – Room 202a
    • Davis Library – Entry Level – Open Space Area/lobby
    • Davis Library Color – Entry Level – Open Space Area/lobby
    • Global Education Center – Coffee Shop
    • Hanes Art Center – Rm 102
    • Hanes Art Center Color – Rm 102
    • Hanes Hall – Rm 242
    • Health Sciences Library – Rm 114 – Printer Rm
    • Health Sciences Library Color – Rm 114 – Printer Rm
    • ITS Manning – 1st Floor Lobby (Building Access Limited)
    • Kenan Science Library – Rm G301
    • Kenan-Flagler Business School – McColl Building – Cafe; 3rd Flr Atrium, 2nd Flr outside of room 2600
    • Kenan-Flagler Business School Color – McColl Building – Cafe
    • Law School  – Rm 3045-Library
    • Park Library – Rm 268
    • Peabody Hall – Hallway – Rm 2020
    • Phillips Hall – Basement next to room 019
    • Roper Hall – Medical Student Commons 3101
    • School of Dentistry – G401 Koury Oral Health Sciences Building
    • School of Government – 3rd Flr – MPA Wing
    • School of Information and Library Science – Rm 114
    • School of Public Health – Rm 201 (Building Access Limited)
    • School of Social Work – Tate Turner Kuralt Building, 1st Floor Lobby and Rm 501
    • Sitterson Hall – lower lobby outside of Rm SN010
    • Stone Center – Rm 310
    • Student Union – Lower Level – The Underground
    • Undergrad Library – Rm 128 – Copy Room
    • Undergrad Library Color – Rm 128 – Copy Room 


Residence Halls (Restricted to Residents Only)

  • Avery – 1st Floor Lounge
  • Baity Hill – Community Office, Under Stairs
  • Carmichael – in Main Lobby
  • Cobb – Basement, near drink machines
  • Connor – 1st Floor Center Lounge
  • Craige – 1st Floor Mail Room, near vending machines
  • Craige North – Lower level lounge
  • Ehringhaus – Main Floor Lobby
  • Hardin – Study Lounge next to Laundry
  • Hinton James – 1st Floor Lounge
  • Hortense McClinton Residence Hall – Room 234
  • Horton Residence Hall – lower level lounge
  • Joyner – 1st floor lounge (118)
  • Kenan – Mailroom
  • Koury – Basement Game Room
  • Mangum – Basement Game Room
  • Morrison – First floor Lounge
  • Old West – First floor Lounge
  • Parker Residence Hall – Lower Level – Mailroom
  • Ram Village 1 – 1st Floor Game Room
  • Ram Village 4 – Business Center
  • Spencer – 1st Floor Lounge
  • Stacy – Mailroom


Contact Us

Report an issue or ask a question.

Printed sheets of paper.


All fee-paying students with no flags on their accounts receive a printing allotment issued from the ITS Print Plan account each semester. This allotment is applied to your One Card and used toward printing in supported locations.

The following are the number of pages you are allotted per semester:

  • Fall: 400
  • Spring: 400
  • SSI: 175
  • SSII: 175
  • Maymester: 175

Your new allotment will be assigned at the beginning of each semester

Pharos, known as Carolina Print Hub printing client is the software package that tracks your print plan funds. This package also provides a print management solution to UNC that enables you to: print less, reduce printing costs, and enhance printing security.

Each semester students are given a print allotment, which they can use at the Carolina Print Hub locations. Only 5% of students exceed that allotment and have to personally pay for printing.

Each black & white printed page costs $0.10 each and color printed pages cost $0.30 each.


Carolina Print Hub is one of a pool of services offered by ITS (Information Technology Services) from student fees. Students who don’t fully use Carolina Print Hub allotments each semester, reduce the cost of other services in the pool – Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft software and services, Virtual Lab software, personal use of the campus WiFi, classroom technology and the ITS Service Desk support.

ITS partnered with Student Government to provide an allocation of pages that would meet the needs of most students. And currently only 3% of students need to personally pay for additional printing at Carolina Print Hub locations. The print allocation takes into account that some students will not print, some students will print more than the average, and that a small percentage of students will exceed the allocation.

Generally, there are 5 color printers that can be used. Locations of the color printers: the Undergraduate Library (UL), Davis Library, the Health Science Library, the Sloane Art Library (102 Hanes Art Center) and the Kenan-Flagler Business School. Color Printing is automatically set to print double-sided and costs $0.30 per page.

Print jobs can be uploaded through and released at a color printer location. You can also install the Carolina Print Hub color print queue to print directly from a laptop. You must install both the Carolina Print Hub Color Queue and the Black & White Queue if you wish to print to both print queues. Once you install the Color Queue, you must select it when you print by selecting it in the Print Options. If you print to the normal Carolina Print Hub Printing Queue, you will not be able to print your document on the color printers. The print queue installers can be downloaded from

The print allotment is available from the first day of the semester until the end of finals, according to the University Registrar’s Calendar.

Once your print allotment equals $0.00, payment will switch over to your OneCard funds. See how to add value to your OneCard.

For documents that fail to print, try these tips

More information and help can be found through the Help Desk site: Carolina Print Hub Help Docs