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Next up in our Sakai 12 Upgrade Blog Series is an update that all users will quickly notice. When you are added as a member of a Sakai course or project site, that new site will automatically be added to your favorites bar. That means that the new site will automatically appear in your top Sakai site tabs so that you can quickly access it!

You can easily disable this feature by going to Sites > Organize Favorites > toggle Off to “Automatically add new sites to your favorites bar.” If you want to remove a Sakai site from your favorites bar, simply de-select the lit star next to the site name. You can also easily reorder your favorite sites by dragging-and-dropping them into place.

organize favorite Sakai site tabs window with auto-favorite toggle on

Many users will start to notice this improvement at the start of the Spring 2019 semester as those course sites are being created and published. Please note that if the SP19 course site was created before the upgrade on January 3rd, you will likely not notice this new feature until the Summer or Fall 2019 term.

NOTE: Up to 15 sites can be displayed in your top favorites bar.

Don’t forget that the Sakai 12 Upgrade will begin at 8am on Thursday, January 3rd, and will finish by 5pm that day. Thanks for your patience!

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