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happy golden dog in glasses announces welcome to Sakai 12SAKAI 12 IS FINALLY HERE!

We finished 3 hours early and were able to bring Sakai back online at 2pm. Thank you for your patience while our tech teams worked on upgrading Sakai to version 12.4!

We are thrilled about all the new changes now available to the UNC community in Sakai!

As with any major system update, if you encounter any bugs or odd behaviors, please let us know by submitting a help ticket at opens in new window. Also don’t forget that the Assignment conversions will take several hours to finish running. Your Assignments may not reappear until tomorrow morning. UPDATE: All Assignments were converted by 1am January 4.

NOTE: You may need to SHIFT + refresh your browser to see the new style sheet.

Sakai 12 Features

And here are many of the improvements you will find in Sakai 12!

Layout & Interface

Gradebook – 10 improvements! opens in new window

  • Performance enhancements
  • Keyboard navigation shortcuts
  • Export by section or group
  • See & search all students at once
  • See dropped scores in categories
  • Category average listed at end of category
  • Easily reorder Gradebook items
  • Override course grade with numerical value (in addition to letter grades)
  • New course grade distribution chart
  • Add or remove course letter grades

Lessons opens in new window

  • Automated Checklist items
  • Add entire folder (in addition to individual files)
  • Consolidate Lesson subpages in site tool menu
  • Embed Announcements, Calendar, most recent Forum posts

Tests & Quizzes




In addition to the two Tests & Quizzes updates listed above that have been available since August 6, also now available in Sakai since August are the Zoom video web conferencing tool opens in new window and a Poll Everywhere Gradebook integration opens in new window!

You can view the full Sakai 12 Release notes here opens in new window. We hope you’re as excited about all these new features as we are. Welcome to Sakai 12!

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