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Panopto logoWe’re pleased to announce that Panopto is now available to all UNC users! Panopto is the University’s centrally-supported video-audio storage and management system and will gradually replace Warpwire by June 30, 2021. UNC faculty, staff, and students may log in to Panopto opens in new window to capture, edit, and share their video and audio content.

Please see the UNC Panopto site to review the FAQ and learn more about Panopto, how this impacts your Warpwire content, and training opportunities. The first training sessions are offered on November 18 and December 4.

Important Note: Beginning September 5, 2020, all Zoom Cloud recordings created on that date and after are automatically sent to Panopto. You may access them in Panopto opens in new window through My Folder > Meeting Recordings. Note this may not yet apply to some professional school users. Check with your academic unit’s IT staff to learn more about your Zoom account’s integration with Panopto.

Panopto to Replace Warpwire

While both tools perform admirably as video content management platforms, the move to remote instruction has driven the exponential growth of video creation and storage across campus. Our current platform is no longer cost-effective, and moving to an enterprise-level system positions the University for both the immediate and foreseeable future.

In addition to allowing you to securely share your videos, Panopto also offers in-video quizzing, searching of spoken words and on-screen text, auto-captions, discussions, and private notes. See more Panopto features below and on the UNC Panopto site.

Impacts to Sakai Courses: Action Required

You may continue to use Warpwire for your Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 courses but are encouraged to switch to Panopto as soon as possible. After the Spring 2021 semester ends, no new content may be added to Warpwire, and you must replace all Warpwire links and embed codes with Panopto videos in each of your Sakai sites by June 30, 2021. After this date, all Warpwire content expires.

All videos in Warpwire will be migrated to Panopto, and more information on this will be shared soon. You are welcome to download your files from Warpwire opens in new window and upload them to Panopto opens in new window now, if you prefer.

To add Panopto to your Sakai site, go to Site Info > Manage Tools (located at bottom of page).

Key Differences between Warpwire & Panopto:

Add NotesDoes not allow notes/discussionsDiscussions and private notes in timeline
Captions and TranscriptsNo support for auto-captioningRetains Zoom captions (recommended) and captions non-Zoom recordings automatically
Subfolders in libraryNot supportedSupported
Image filesYes, can uploadNo, cannot upload
Availability datesDependent on SakaiCan set for videos or folders in Panopto
Editing optionsCan only trim video at either endImmersive editing allows trimming at any point in video and insertion of additional content
QuizzesNot supportedIn-video quizzes supported
Search optionsSearch limited to tags, titles, owners, and metadata fieldsSmart Search indexes spoken words/captions and titles, as well as on-screen content within videos
Zoom integrationYes, set up rules in media libraryYes, Zoom recordings automatically uploaded to meeting host accounts; hosts can set up mapping to specific Panopto folders
Duplicating Sakai sites with embedded videosHas deep linkingChange video to Unlisted and anyone with a link can view

Important Dates

We encourage you to review the Panopto migration timeline in the “How will these changes affect me beyond the Fall 2020 semester?” section in the Panopto Rollout – Introduction and Key Dates FAQ. Here are upcoming dates to be aware of:

  • Nov. 30, 2020: Zoom-Warpwire integration disabled
  • Feb. 2021 – May 17, 2021: Warpwire content migrated to Panopto
  • May 17, 2021: Warpwire tool removed from Sakai; upload function in Warpwire disabled
  • June 30, 2021: Warpwire contract ends and all content expires

Please review the FAQ on UNC Panopto, visit Panopto Support for how-to resources, and send us a help request opens in new window if you have any remaining questions. We’re excited about all the new features Panopto brings!

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