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we're upgrading to Sakai 20 December 3rd announcement next to cup of hot chocolate with snowman marshmallowsThe Sakai 20 Upgrade is finally happening!

Please plan for Sakai to be completely unavailable from 8am-5pm EST tomorrow, December 3, 2020. Thank you for understanding that we must take Sakai offline to apply the upgrade. We will work as quickly as possible to bring Sakai back online.

Check out the ITS news story on the Sakai 20 Upgrade!

Sakai 20 Sneak Peek

Here is a quick sneak peek of Sakai 20! One thing you may notice is the option to go into Fullscreen View in Sakai 20. This will be particularly helpful in tools such as the Gradebook, where you may want to temporarily remove menus and any other distractions.

Sakai view in version 20 with fullscreen icon highlighted

We can’t wait for Sakai 20 and hope you’re excited about the new features that will be available later tomorrow!

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