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Students in a classroom and a closeup of a hand holding a mobile phone with the Poll Everywhere screen displayedUNC instructors have been using Poll Everywhere, a live web-based polling system, to capture student feedback and responses. It’s a great way to keep students engaged and allow them all to comfortably participate in class, without requiring the additional cost of clickers. Visit to learn more about Poll Everywhere at UNC!

We know instructors have been requesting this feature for years so we’re thrilled to announce that Poll Everywhere results can now be imported into the Sakai Gradebook as participation grades! In the past, poll results could only be imported into the Sakai Gradebook as graded multiple-choice or clickable image questions. Now you can easily give students participation credit because Poll Everywhere results can now be imported into the Sakai Gradebook as either Graded or Participation!

Required Setup

To import your results into the Sakai Gradebook, be sure to apply the following required settings on your polls in Poll Everywhere.

Graded Polls

  • Available for Multiple Choice or Clickable Image question types only (including those inside Surveys)
  • correct answer must be specified. Click the checkmark next to the correct option when creating the graded poll
  • In the Sakai Gradebook, a correct response will show as 100, an incorrect response as 0, and no response as blank

Participation Polls

  • Available for ALL question types
  • In the Sakai Gradebook, a response will show as 100 while no response will show as blank

Reminders for both Graded and Participation polls

  1. Under Configuration > Audience, restriction & identity must be set to Registered Participants Only to prevent students from responding without logging in
  2. Students must have official UNC Poll Everywhere student accounts. See UNC Poll Everywhere for more information.
  3. Students must be logged into their official accounts in order to receive credit for responses. Students should confirm that they are logged in each class before responding. It can be difficult to tell at a glance, especially on the mobile app.

Poll Everywhere Sakai Integration

Please review our tutorial on integrating Poll Everywhere with Sakai. You’ll find step-by-step instructions on:

  • Setting up the Poll Everywhere tool in your Sakai course
  • Importing your Poll Everywhere roster
  • Exporting your poll results
  • Confirming your poll results appear in the Sakai Gradebook
  • Additional tips and reminders

Let us know if you have any questions by submitting a help request opens in new window!

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