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zoom logoWe’re excited to announce that Zoom web conferencing is now fully integrated with Canvas! This means instructors can create Zoom meetings directly through their Canvas courses and have their students join the Zoom meetings through Canvas. Look for the new Zoom Pro tool in your Canvas course navigation menu.

Using Zoom in Canvas

In the Canvas Zoom Pro tool, you can schedule meetings the same way you would directly through Zoom. Click the Schedule a New Meeting button to get started. Once scheduled, your new meeting will appear in the Canvas Zoom Pro tool AND directly in Zoom through the Zoom app,, and!

Your students can then click on the Zoom Pro tool in your Canvas course to see and join your scheduled Zoom meetings. You no longer need to share the Zoom join link with them. It’s that easy!

Note: Getting an error message when attempting to access the Zoom Pro tool? Make sure you have signed into UNC Zoom at least once as doing so creates your account. Unfortunately Zoom Pro will not work for those in the UNC Zoom HIPAA account (see note below).

Accessing Zoom Recordings

Cloud recordings from these Zoom sessions can be accessed through the Zoom Pro tool as well, but keep in mind Panopto is still the recommended way to share Zoom recordings. If you have the Panopto Video tool enabled in your Canvas course (must click on the tool at least once), your recordings from these Zoom meetings will automatically appear here as well! After you have made a cloud recording, you and your students can click on the Panopto Video tool in your Canvas course to locate your recordings.

Note: If your students have not already, they must 1) log into UNC Panopto at least once to create their account and 2) click on the Panopto Video tool in your Canvas course to get added to the Panopto course group.

Important Notes

Please keep the following items in mind:

Zoom HIPAA Account

Zoom Pro in Canvas will only work with non-HIPAA accounts. If you are in the University’s Zoom HIPAA account, unfortunately the Zoom Pro tool in Canvas will not launch if you attempt to access this tool. If you are not in the HIPAA account but have students who are in this account, they will still be able to join your meetings as they are not the meeting host.

We recommend removing the Zoom Pro tool from your Canvas course if you are indeed in the HIPAA account. Go to Settings > Navigation to manage your course navigation menu. If you do not wish to be in the Zoom HIPAA account, please submit a help request.

Zoom in Sakai

Zoom is not integrated with Sakai. The Zoom tool in Sakai sites will simply bring up the page for quick login access. If you’re still using Sakai, you must continue sharing Zoom meeting join links and recordings with your students.

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