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Hello again! You have found our Summer 2023 blog series on making the transition from Sakai to Canvas, the University’s Learning Management System. Throughout this sersubdivision of homesies, we have been breaking down the major elements involved in switching over to Canvas. This is the last blog of the series and covers how to find resources and help as you begin instruction in Canvas. For information about migration and course site setup, be sure to read the first three blogs in the series.

Although many instructors are already using Canvas (and most incoming students are familiar with it from high school,) it may be a new environment for some of you. Our EdTech team has some resources to get you acclimated to the University’s new learning management system. Remember that all 2022 courses and Spring 2023 courses are available in Canvas as unpublished archive course sites. Here are 5 resources that will help you start teaching in Canvas.

  1. Crosswalk between Sakai and Canvas, (particularly the Basic Tool Equivalent) walks you through the names of common Sakai tools with the Canvas equivalents and links to resources on how to use them. 
  2. Training Video Series geared toward setting up your course and getting you ready to teach in Canvas for the first time. 
  3. Instructor Guide provided by Instructure includes written and video tutorials covering the main features in Canvas. 
  4. Ed Tech Events held in a group or one-on-one setting. Register for a session that fits your preferences! 
  5. Tech Support: 24/7 chat and phone support provided by Instructure (company behind Canvas) and available to you via the ‘Help’ button in the left global menu in Canvas to contact support. UNC Help is also available for UNC related questions including cross-listing courses, 3rd party tools, etc.

Moving To Do List
• Learn how to run your course successfully in Canvas
• Know your resources for when you have a question
• Check out the previous installations of the summer blog series for migration assistance

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